When Enough Is Enough

Berry_When-EnoughA Christian framework for environmental sustainability. Edited by R.J. (Sam) Berry.

Is our God too small? Do we truly acknowledge the biblical God, who is Creator and Sustainer as well as Redeemer – a much bigger God than the one who cares merely about me and my personal faith and behaviour?

Do we really love our neighbours – the powerless one in a less developed country as well as our friend next door?

And what about our own family: are we stealing from our children and their children – damaging the only world we have through global climate change, never mind polluting our neighbours’ environment, using up non-renewable resources like fossil fuel, indulging in industrial and agricultural practices that permanently harm land and water?

We want to ‘make poverty history’ – but are we squandering so much capital that we are making this impossible?

This book offers a Christian approach to living now in the expectation that tomorrow will come – a Christian framework for sustainable development, written by some of the world’s experts on the subject. The contributions are

1. Sustainability: God’s way or greenwash?–R. J. Berry

2. Towards a theology of sustainability–Dave Bookless

3. The challenge of sustainability–John Houghton

4. Thoughts on the sustainability of the non-human world–Ghillean T. Prance

5. Consumption and happiness: Christian values and an approach towards sustainability–Brian Heap and Flavio Comim

6. Sustainable economics–Donald Hay

7. A framework for sustainable agriculture–John Wibberley

8. Let justice roll down like a never-ending stream–Joanne Green

9. Sustainability, resources and waste–David Stafford and John Bryant

10. Creative harmony: Isaiah’s vision of a sustainable future–Margot R. Hodson

A guidebook for living in such a way that we will be better able to give a positive account for our treatment of the talents entrusted to us, when we face the divine Judge of all the earth.

ISBN 184474180X