Transport Now and in the Future – What are the issues? March 2018

This Environment Conference was co-hosted and sponsored by The John Ray Initiative and ForMission College, and was held on Saturday 17th March 2018 at the Westmead Hotel, Hopwood, Birmingham.

The Conference set out to answer the questions:

  • What are the current trends in transport and what will we be using in the future?
  • We all use transport almost every day of our lives, but do we ever think about what we are doing?
  • Many people worry about carbon emissions from transport, and indeed it is a major issue for the United Kingdom as it seeks to meet its commitments to the Paris Agreement, but are there other things we should consider?
  • If we move towards having driverless vehicles what will happen to all those who earn their livings from driving? And what will happen in the developing world? What are the ethical and theological issues?
  • How do we make sensible personal decisions about the transport we use?
Andy Kingston Smith, forMission College, opens the conference

This was a unique and ground-breaking conference dealing with an everyday issue with a big impact on the present environmental crisis but with a clear Christian theological and ethical focus to the approach from each keynote speaker and seminar leader.

Resource materials are available from the links below:

David Banister

1. Keynote Speaker: David Banister – Professor Emeritus of Transport Studies at Oxford University

Talk Title: “Global and Local Challenges for Sustainable Transport to 2050”

Resources available: Coming Soon – Audio File and Presentation Slides

David Banister answers questions at the end of his talk
Michael Talbot

2. Keynote Speaker: Michael Talbot – Head of Industrial Strategy, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Talk Title: “The UK’s Pathway to Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technologies”

Resources available: Coming Soon – Audio File and Presentation Slides

3. Keynote Speaker: John Weaver – Chair of the John Ray Initiative

John Weaver

Talk Title: “‘Travelling Light’ – A Theological Reflection on Modern Transport”

Resources available: Coming Soon – Audio File and Presentation Slides

Caroline Pomeroy

4. Seminar Speaker: Caroline Pomeroy – Director of Climate Stewards

Seminar Title: ‘Carbon Offsetting – A Licence to Pollute?’

Resources available:

Thomas Calvert

5. Seminar Speakers: Thomas Calvert & Edward Wigley – Researchers, University of the West of England, Bristol

Seminar Title: ‘Jesus Walked the Same Speed as the Rest of us – Active Mobilities as the Escape from Hypermodernity’

Edward Wigley

Resources available:

Neil Ward

6. Seminar Speaker: Neil Ward – Civil Servant, DEFRA

Seminar Title: ‘Some Trust in Chariots and Some in Horses – Can our use of Transport Show our Trust in God?’

Resources available: Coming Soon – Seminar handout

John Austin

7. Seminar Speaker: John Austin – Transport Consultant

Seminar Title: ‘Revitalising Urban Public Transport in Megacities in the Developing World’

Resources available: Coming Soon – Presentation Slides

8. Seminar Speaker: Mike Perry – Anglican Priest and former Research Biologist

Rev Dr Mike Perry

Seminar Title: ‘All You Need to Know about Electric Car Ownership – EVs,

PHEVs, OLEVs and more’

Resources available:


Panel ‘Q&A’ Session at the end of the conference