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JRI Newsletter number 29

Photo of stream rapidsOur latest newsletter is now online for viewing and download.

November 2013 JRI Newsletter

It is a double-length (8 pages) edition, with news of the forthcoming annual conference at Redcliffe College on Saturday 1st March 2014; the completion of our “Environment and Hope” project and its publication in a special issue of Anvil theological journal; the move of our office to Redcliffe College in Gloucester; the fifth IPCC report and the publication of Sir John Houghton’s autobiography; two reviews by Rev Keith Innes of other new books; and more.

Report on GM conference

GMProgress or Problem? Responding to Genetically Modified Food and Crops. The annual Redcliffe College / JRI Environment Day. Conference report now available including video and audio recordings, as well as Powerpoint slideshows.

GM crops and food report with video and audio files.

Prayer update November 2013

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In the Eye of the Storm: The Autobiography of Sir John Houghton

Photo of book-cover for John Houghton autobiographyPublished on 18th October – the autobiography of JRI’s President. From the book’s description: “Sir John Houghton’s life chronicles the history of climate science. As progress has been made in the scientific measuring of climate, a worrying picture has emerged. And as Houghton and others have sought to make those worries clear, they have discovered that, for some, this is an inconvenient truth.

The author says ‘The warning is now urgent. The science is now robust, time is moving on, and humankind is responding far too slowly. God has granted us stewardship of this planet. It is a creation full of wonder and we must do everything in our power to keep it so.’ ‘The warning has always been there, but opposing forces have prevented us from hearing it.’ Sir John Houghton is still battling. This book is part of that battle.”

About Sir John Houghton.

Book description at Lion publishers.

Available for purchase.

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The IPCC’s Fifth Report, September 2013. Some comments by Sir John Houghton


Sir_John_Houghton_tThe Physical Science Component of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s 5th report was agreed in Stockholm in the week beginning  23rd September 2013 and its Summary for Policymakers – about 30 pages long – was available on 27th September. The main messages are:

1) That it is extremely likely (i.e. more than 95% probability) that human influence on climate caused most of the observed increase in global average surface temperature from 1951- 2010.

2) That there is high confidence that this has led to warming of the ocean, melting of snow and ice, a rise in global mean sea level and to more climate extremes with increased intensity.

3) Further warming will result from continued emissions of greenhouse gases, causing  changes in all parts of the climate system. Considerable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions will be required if  climate change is to be limited.

4) Under almost all possible scenarios a rise of 1.5C is predicted by the end of this century relative to 1850 to 1900 temperatures, but in some scenarios the rise is greater than this. Most scenarios predict further warming beyond 2100.

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Launch event for the Environment and Hope issue of Anvil


left to right: Ven Dr Gordon Kuhrt; Dr Cathy Ross; Prof Rev Canon Martyn Percy; Rev Margot Hodson; and Rev Dr Craig Holmes.

On 23rd September 2013 we held the launch event for the new format of Anvil theology journal and the “Environment and Hope” issue that had just been published.

The event took place in Ripon College Cuddesdon, who host our CRES course. We were welcomed by the College principal, Martyn Percy, who informed us that he published his first academic article in Anvil.

The editors of Anvil, Cathy Ross and Craig Holmes, compered the evening and gave us details of where Anvil now stands and what they would like to do in the future. Gordon Kuhrt, who was on the very first editorial board of Anvil, gave a historical perspective on the journal, and assessed its significance.

JRI Director, Margot Hodson, told the story of the “Environment and Hope” project from its beginnings in a conversation with Ruth Valerio to a complete Anvil journal issue. She also explained a little about a “robust hope” for the future. It was an excellent evening and much networking was done over tea and cake! The full “Environment and Hope” issue can be downloaded FREE at Anviljournal.org