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JRI Briefing Paper No. 25

We are pleased to announce the publication of JRI Briefing Paper No. 25 “Faith, environmental values and understanding: a case study involving Church of England ordinands” by Elizabeth A. C. Rushton and Dr. Martin J. Hodson. You can download JRI Briefing 25 as a PDF.

This 24 page paper is a report on social-science research. Using a questionnaire ordinands were asked to respond to the New Environmental Paradigm (NEP), and to statements about the importance of environmental issues and ecology in their faith. The questionnaire also collected data from a sample of environmentally aware Christians associated with the distance-learning course Christian Rural and Environmental Studies (CRES).

Data analysis revealed that churchmanship was the only variable that varied significantly within the sample. Evangelical ordinands gave some responses that might suggest less interest in environmental concerns. The CRES sample was generally more sympathetic to environmental issues than the ordinands. Environmental theological education within the colleges surveyed needs to improve if the Church is to have a leadership role in reversing the human-induced causes of the environmental crisis.

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