JRI Briefing Paper No. 23 “Ecological Hope in Crisis?” by Prof. Richard Bauckham

We are pleased to announce the publication of JRI Briefing Paper No. 23 Ecological Hope in Crisis? by Prof. Richard Bauckham.

The church has frequently had to think afresh about Christian hope in changing contexts. It’s not that the essence of Christian hope – the great hope, founded on Jesus Christ, for God’s redemptive and fulfilling renewal of all his creation – changes. But if Christian hope is to retain its power to be the engine of the church’s engagement with the world, if it is to be more than an ineffective private dream, hope itself needs renewal as the world changes. From the infinite riches of God’s future for the world we must draw those that can be transformative for our time. That way we can re-envision the world in the light of hope.

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Audio recordings (mp3) of
Professor Bauckham’s talk on Hope and also of the
Question and answer session following the talk.