Love of God

Ray saw God’s care for all His creatures at work in His creation:

“ First of all, because it is the great Design of Providence to maintain and continue every Species, I shall take Notice of the great Care at abundant Provision that is made for the securing this End. ... Why can we imagine all Creatures should be made Male an Female but to this Purpose? Why should there be implanted in each Sex such a vehement and inexpugnable Appetite of Copulation? Why in viviparous Animals, in the Time of Gestation should the Nourishment be carried to the Embryon in the Womb, which at other Times goeth not that Way? When the Young is brought forth, how comes all the Nourishment then to be transfer’d from the Womb to the Breasts or Paps, leaving its former Channel, the Dam at such Time being, for the most Part lean and ill favour’d? To all this I might add, as a great Proof and Instance of the Care that is taken, and Provision made for the preservation and Continuance of the Species, the lasting Foecundity of the Animal Seed or Egg in the Females of Man, Beasts and Birds.”
Wisdom of God p.115-6

“ As to the Multitude of Individuals in each Kind of Insect. I answer, 1. It is designed to secure the Continuance and Perpetuity of the several Species; which, if they did not multiply exceedingly, scarce any of them could escape the Ravine of so many Enemies as continually assault and prey upon them, but would endanger to be quite destroyed and lost out of the World.”
Wisdom of God p.370

“ After their Young are hatch’d, for sometimes they do almost constantly brood them under their Wings, lest the Cold and sometimes perhaps the Heat should harm them. All this while also they labour hard to get them Food, sparing it out of their own Bellies, and pining themselves almost to death rather than they should want. Moreover it is admirable to observe, with what courage they are at that time inspir’d, that they will even venture their own Lives in defence of them. The most timorious, as Hens and Geese become then so couragious, as to dare to fly in the Face of a Man that shall molest or disquiet their Yotmg, which would never do so much in their own defence. These things being contrary to any motions of Sense, or instinct of Self-preservation, and so eminent pieces of Self-denial, must needs be the Works of Providence, for the continuation of the Species and upholding of the World.”
Wisdom of God p.120-1

“ The inferiour Creatures are perfect in their Order and Degree, wanting no Quality or Perfection that is necessary or due to their Nature and Condition, their Place and Manner of Living.

3. These several Ranks and Degrees of Creatures are subservient one to another; and the most of them serviceable, and all, some way or other, useful to Man; so that he could notwell have been without them.

5. Yet do I not think, that he made all these Creatures to no other End, but to be Serviceable to Man, but also to Partake themselves of his overflowing Goodness, and to enjoy their own Beings. ”

Wisdom of God p.367

God’s special care for humankind is also evident:

“... if all the Objects of the World could be comprehended by us, we should, with Alexander [the Great], think the World too little for us, and grow weary of running in a Round of seeing the same Things. New Objects afford us great Delight, especially if found out by our own Industry. I remember Clusius saith of himself, "That upon the Discovery of a new Plant, he did not less rejoice, than if he had found a rich Treasure." Thus God is pleased, by reserving Things to be found out by our Pains and Industry, to provide us Employment most delightful and agreeable to our Natures and Inclinations.”
Wisdom of God p.370

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