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  • Mrs Janet Turner, The John Ray Trust
  • Valerie Carpenter
  • Mrs Leslie Killin, Braintree Museum
  • Professor Sam Berry, University of London
  • Professor William T. Stearn
  • Rev Dr Nigel Cooper
  • others to be added ...


  • The John Ray celebrations 1686-1986 : Historia plantarum: souvenir folio. Ray, John, 1627-1705. Valerie Carpenter
  • John Ray naturalist : his life and works by Charles E. Raven, 1885-1964.
  • John Ray : a biographical sketch written for the centenary of the Cambridge Ray Club and read, in part, at the dinner in the Hall of Trinity College on 16 March 1937, Albert Charles Seward, 1863-1941
  • John Ray's Natural History Travels in Britain. by Stearn, William Thomas
  • Founders of British science : John Wilkins, Robert Boyle, John Ray, Christopher Wren, Robert Hooke [and] Isaac Newton. by James G. Crowther
  • John Ray : a bibliography, Sir Geoffrey Keynes, 1887-1982

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