1) Which forerunner of John Ray in the field of searching for new plants in England and Wales was killed at the siege of Basing House in 1644 while fighting on the Royalist side?

One answer only.
   William How
   Christopher Merrett
   Thomas Johnson

2) Which of the following scientists was contemporary with John Ray?

Choose 2 of the following options.
   Francis Bacon
   Robert Boyle
   Baron Cuvier
   Sir Isaac Newton
   Francis Willughby

3) What was the title of John Ray’s first Botanical publication?

One answer only.
   Synopsis methodica Stirpium Brittanicorum
   Catalogus Plantarum circa Cantabrigiam nascentium
   De variis Plantarum Methodis Disseratio brevis
   Synopsis methodica Animalium Quadrupedum et Serpentini Generis