God’s Stewards

Subtitled The Role of Christians in Creation Care this book contains chapters by Peter Harris, R J (Sam) Berry (a JRI Director), Michael Northcott, Anne Clifford and Don Brandt.

“From time to time I wonder why there is so little cross-fertilisation between the people who love mountains and birds and trees and the people who pray to the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. How did we get separated into these two camps, the creation people and the Christ people? ... There is no disconnection between creation and Christ, no separation in the evangelical gospel between heaven and earth.”
From the foreword by Eugene H. Peterson

Edited by Don Brandt. Published by World Vision International, 2002, paperback, ISBN 1-887983-42-2.

World Vision is a Christian relief and devlopment partnership that serves more than 85 million people in some 80 countries.

Available from the JRI office for 7, (inclsuing UK postage & packing).


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