After Kyoto (Kyoto Protocol) by Sir John Houghton.

Bible and the Environment, The by Professor Gordon Wenham.

John Ray, Father of Natural Historians by Professor Sam Berry.

Eclipse Experiences by Sir John Houghton. Lithographically printed available from JRI office.

Environmental Ethics. An article by R. J. (Sam) Berry (JRI Trustee) which was first published in Dialogue no. 20, April 2003.

Environmental Decision Making in a Technological Age. Papers from a consultation held in April 2001.


Sustainable Development, a presentation (720K) in Powerpoint format by Jan Drozd, a JRI Director.

Climate change overview given by Sir John Houghton at Forum 2002. Plain HTML.

Global Warming, an illustrated slideshow given by Sir John Houghton in the CiS-St Edmund's College lectures series at the University of Cambridge. You can view it as plain No-Frames HTML.The original Frameset version is at St Edmund's College.

Services and drama

Stewards of Creation order of service [12 pages, PDF, 320K] compiled by Dr Adrian Thompson, JRI Associate. Used at chapel service, St Martin’s College, Lancaster.Also in RTF format.

Drama sketch on ‘Caring for Creation’ by Adrian and Lucy Thompson.

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