Caroline Pomeroy (JRI Associate)

caroline-pomeroy-photoJRI presents an interview with Caroline Pomeroy, the new CEO of Climate Stewards (part of the A Rocha network). Caroline worked with Tearfund in Ghana in the 1990s and more recently worked for three years in Rwanda in various community and environmental projects. After returning from Rwanda she studied for an MSc in Climate Change Impacts and Sustainability, and helped set up CHASE Africa. Caroline is also a JRI Associate and we hope this will be the first of a series of interviews with Associates.

Audio can be played above or download mp3 file. It was recorded from a phone interview, and is just under 27 minutes. The interviewer is John McKeown.

A transcript can be read online or downloaded as printable PDF.

Information about CHASE Africa:

“Community Health And Sustainable Environment (CHASE) Africa’s vision is a poverty-free future where people live sustainably in a biodiverse environment.

Our mission is to enable women and families to choose the number and spacing of their children and empower them to develop sustainable livelihoods. With smaller families, parents can afford to feed and educate their children better, women have more time to work so can produce more food and/or earn an income, maternal and child mortality rates fall, and pressure on the environment is reduced.

To address the complex and related issues of poverty, ill health, environmental degradation and population pressure, we are working through local partners in Kenya to deliver integrated healthcare and family planning services in rural areas support tree planting and environmental education at schools promote the use of fuel-efficient stoves.”