Creating justice- a day with Andy and Carol Kingston-Smith

Creating justice: considering our role in promoting Shalom with reflections on the medieval Carnival

We have taken the decision to open up the CRES days that we have been running very successfully at  Ripon College Cuddesdon nr. Oxford to a wider audience. The next day will be on Saturday 8th November 2014 when our guest speakers will be Andy and Carol Kingston-Smith co-founders of the jusTice initiative. The morning sessions will explore connections between the Medieval Carnival and biblical principles of social justice, examining, in particular, the three themes of social inversion, laughter and the banquet. They will seek to stimulate a hopeful, critical and applied dialogue with the status quo of socio-economic inequality, and injustice, in contemporary Britain under the mediating influence of the biblical concept of shalom. In the afternoon session the focus will shift to justice in rural Latin America. The themes explored will be highly relevant to those on the CRES course, but could be taken as a stand-alone day for all interested in Global Justice. Do book soon! FULL DETAILS and BOOKING.