Is Fracking Good For Us?

The John Ray Initiative is pleased to announce the publication of Briefing Paper No. 30JohnWeaver by the Chair of JRI, Dr John Weaver. “Is Fracking Good For Us? – Energy Security, Energy Prices and the Environment” presents the current estimations for the potential of shale gas provision in the UK, and also the environmental concerns raised by the process for its extraction. The possible contribution that fracking for shale gas may present to meet the UK’s future energy needs is set beside the commitment to achieve lower carbon-based fuel supplies and increased renewable energy targets. Energy security needs world-wide are explored alongside the greater threat of irreversible climate-change. A Biblical perspective contributes to the debate on the question “What then is the Christian response to fracking?” and provides a challenge to Christian discipleship. This is an 8 page document in pdf format which can be downloaded here (right-click to select option to open in new window)