Paris, Paris- COP 21, a personal reflection and review


Well, the Paris COP21 meeting has ended and it is time to start assessing its importance. JRI Operations Manager, Dr Martin Hodson, has been monitoring the run up to Paris and COP21 itself, and has written a Special Briefing. This is a personal reflection and review and should not necessarily be taken as JRI policy. The briefing includes:

The Scientific Background A brief look at the latest science.
The Sceptics Seem to be in some disarray in Europe, but a big concern is that all the Republican candidates for the United States presidential election are sceptics.
The Process and the Politics The longest section. Climate action plans and INDCs. The main stumbling blocks to agreement: 2 degrees or 1.5; differentiation; trust; and money.
Our COP21 What Martin & Margot Hodson did as COP21 approached
The Church Pilgrimages and meetings
JRI Our activity including a Storify presentation of tweets from 22nd October to 13 December 2015.
The Outcome What decisions were made at COP21?
The Future

The Briefing Paper is also available in eBook formats – for Kindle readers (.mobi) please click here, and for other eBook readers (.epub – for example for use with Android apps) please click here. The downloaded file can be saved and then opened with the appropriate app or transferred to your reader.