Working with Australian church youth to respond to climate change

Working with Australian church youth to respond to climate change: improvisational drama as an educational tool

Sally Shaw
Sally Shaw

JRI is pleased to announce the publication of Briefing Paper No. 26 by Sally Shaw. This is the second of our briefings which has more of a social science research focus, and is therefore longer than usual at 20 pages. DOWNLOAD PAPER

With increasing evidence in Australia of climate change crisis, the focus of this research was young people. The hypothesis is that improvisation drama is an effective teaching tool that can influence the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of Australian youth attending church youth groups and encourage them to take action on the issues of climate change. The research methods were pre- and post- workshop questionnaires, drama activities, a visioning exercise and focus group discussions. Significant changes in the pre- and post- workshop questionnaires were recorded.

Sally Shaw is on the steering group for Friends of A Rocha and presently working on teaching materials for churches on why Christians need to care for God’s creation.