God, the Earth and Humanity in the Book of Micah

JRI is pleased to announce the publication of Briefing Paper No28 by Keith Innes, a study exploring the nature and limits of the community of creation with reference to the Old Testament book of the propheVine and Grapest Micah. DOWNLOAD PAPER

“God, the Earth and Humanity in the Book of Micah” covers three themes: the involvement of the Earth in salvation and judgment; the significance of reversion to nature; and the status of inanimate things in the Earth community. Much natural imagery is used in the book of Micah and the study explores the spiritual reality beyond the simply metaphorical, in addition to the more direct challenges and warnings to a market economy rife with dishonesty and an increasing gap between rich and poor.

Keith Innes retired from parish ministry in 1997 and has since obtained a M.Phil degree at Bristol University on “Wilderness in the Old Testament” and published several papers on ecotheology. This is an 8 page document in pdf format (link opens in new window).