Sustainability and Ethics

The John Ray Initiative is pleased to announce the publication of “Sustainability and Ethics” by Ian Arbon and John Weaver. This 44 page paper has been produced in association with the Industrial Christian Fellowship. Ian Arbon is an engineer and was a former Chair of JRI, and John Weaver is a theologian and is the present Chair of JRI. After an Introduction by John Weaver the central section of the paper on “Approaches and Responses” is by Ian Arbon. This section is very comprehensive, and includes material on: Defining Sustainability; Development of the Concept of Sustainability; PESTE analysis (PESTE= political, economic; societal, technological and environmental); Technology; Politics; the Relationship between Sustainability and Ethics; Environmental Ethics; Business Ethics; and Sustainability and Ethics in Practice (from the field of “energy”). John Weaver then concludes the paper with a Theological Reflection. Here he has sections on: Seeking a way forward; Ethical perspectives; a Theological perspective; and Action for Christian disciples.

If you would like a copy of this paper please send a cheque made out to the John Ray Initiative for £3.50 (£2.50 plus £1.00 post and package) to JRI, Wotton House, Horton Road, Gloucester, GL1 3PT. For quotes on multiple copies or overseas orders please email